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Infuse data into daily operations and make sustainability strategies actionable – achieving profit and purpose with IBM sustainability solutions on AWS.
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Balance net-income and net-zero with IBM + AWS. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and capability leaders are 43% more likely to outperform on profitability—and 52% more likely to say ESG efforts have a huge impact on profitability.1

Make ESG data visible and actionable by embedding data into core business functions. Increase productivity, reduce costs, waste and emissions while meeting regulatory requirements with IBM sustainability solutions on a cost effective and energy-efficient cloud platform from AWS.

IBM Maximo Application Suite as a Service on AWS

Through our Amazon Web Services partnership, IBM continues to deliver the transformational capabilities of IBM Maximo in a cloud-first offering.

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IBM Envizi
Consolidate enterprise ESG data IBM Envizi™ ESG Suite addresses the challenges and complexity of enterprise ESG data collection, analysis and reporting. Accurately calculate and report GHG emissions and track progress towards decarbonization goals so you can harness the power of data to fast-track your success Learn more Get started on the AWS Marketplace

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo® Application Suite (MAS) on AWS offers you the industry-leading asset management set of tools from IBM, backed by the scale, agility, and cost-efficiency of AWS. The solution enables you to optimize critical asset performance and automate enterprise workflows while achieving more reliable and sustainable operations through intelligent asset management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

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IBM Maximo Application Suite Maintenance Essentials (SaaS)

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Maximo for asset inspection

IBM Maximo Application Suite Inspection Essentials (SaaS)

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Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo Application Suite (client-managed, SaaS)

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Case studies Toyota

Toyota + IBM: Learn how IBM Maximo’s advanced maintenance capabilities are helping to build a smarter, more digital factory.

The GPT Group

Leveraging Envizi SaaS on AWS for ESG data management and reporting helps GPT blaze a trail in sustainability.

Resources Benefits of Intelligent Asset Management on AWS

Deploy asset management to manage, monitor, and maintain operational assets for more reliable and sustainable outcomes.

Industry 4.0 data insights, fueled by AI

This CIO Magazine white paper explains how manufacturers can utilize artificial intelligence to reduce costs and minimize defects and downtime.

Industry 4.0 and Asset Lifecycle Management Cloud

Learn how Manufacturers are retooling for an era of smarter operations with Asset Lifecycle Management on Cloud.

Sustainability Software on AWS Blog

Learn how the IBM Sustainability portfolio on AWS can help reduce your company's negative environmental impact.

Computer vision for quality insights

IBM Developer article discusses a solution for spotting and stopping defects at the point of inspection using IBM Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI) on AWS.

Related solutions IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Gain climate and weather insights to anticipate disruptive environmental conditions, proactively manage risk and build more sustainable operations.

IBM Supply Chain Solutions

Reduce waste, lower cost, and improve environmental circularity when you create a more-resilient supply chain.

IBM TRIRIGA® Application Suite

Manage real estate portfolios across their lifecycle with an intelligent asset management and integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

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Using IBM's market-leading Sustainability Software on AWS, organizations can accelerate AI-powered transformation while putting sustainability goals into action.

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1 Biswas, Goos and Dencik. The ESG data conundrum, IBM Institute for Business Value, 2023