What it can do for your business

IBM Retail Technology Support Solutions are designed to maintain virtually all of the devices, software & networks in your store to help reduce operational costs & grow your retail business. Unlike a vendor-by-vendor break/fix approach, this service offers a customizable solution that spans the multivendor store environment with proactive maintenance & support. Highly skilled IBM specialists apply advanced analytics to improve store equipment performance & optimize solution design. Data-driven insights help identify the most frequent service interruptions at a location & bundle those findings into one service call to minimize system downtime.
Retail Technology Support Solutions

Improve sales and satisfaction

Your customers expect highly available equipment. IBM has wall-to-wall technology support so your employees can focus on making sales instead of seeking a technical support fix.

Save time and money

Receive end-to-end technical support with one vendor who can optimize the availability, the lifespan and maintenance costs of your existing in-store equipment.

Reduce complexity

Eliminate the IT “blame game” with a single point of accountability for your store's IT maintenance.

Four good reasons to use these retail support services

  • Improve equipment reliability to help raise satisfaction
  • Extend hardware life and simplify technical support
  • Rein in capital expenditures
  • Gain the in-depth expertise and resources of IBM

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