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Why fast data management is essential for your business future

Forrester and IBM discuss business and technology drivers for applications using fast data and fast analytics for fast action

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The new IBM event based data management system

This fast data environment integrates real time analytics, machine learning, data science and open source for streamed events

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Click stream analysis with IBM Event Store

See how a retail business uses IBM Event Store to derive customer insights from click stream data.

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Ingest and analyze streaming event data at scale with IBM Event Store

See how, with access to complete sets of event data, businesses can derive insights from comprehensive data analysis.

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Leveraging event-driven systems for IoT with high-speed data ingestion

Learn how the event-driven approach works, and why it has special benefits for these use-cases.

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The Lambda architecture, simplified

Find out about addressing complexity in a decades-old architecture.

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Web analytics with IBM Event Store: Ingest streaming web events data

Read how IBM offers an integrated system to ingest, persist and analyze event data of any type.

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FlexPoints Licensing

Buy entitlement to various capabilities in the Hybrid Data Management Platform offering based on FlexPoints Licensing.

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Deliver more intelligence to intelligent energy systems

See why event-driven applications are addressing the next level of intelligent energy systems.

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