Why automate business decisions?

Repeatable business decisions can be captured and automated to improve your business responsiveness, minimize compliance risks and streamline your operations. A business rules management system adds agility and real-time decision making to your day-to-day operations. It enables you to keep up with the pace of your business.


Business agility

Extract business logic from application code, and get the flexibility required to quickly respond to new market conditions to improve your responsiveness and agility.


Real-time action

Improve accuracy and speed with systems that can constantly analyze feeds of data and events, enabling you to see the risks and opportunities to make real-time decisions.



Empower business analysts and policy managers to discover, elaborate, evaluate and maintain decision logic on their own, without having to depend on IT, through a collaborative and intuitive no-code interface.

Software editions of IBM Operational Decision Manager

IBM Operational Decision Manager

IBM Operational Decision Manager is an advanced business rules management system that helps you discover, capture, automate and govern frequent, repeatable business decisions. It also adds real-time decision making to your day-to-day operations. IBM Operational Decision Manager can authorize a loan, decide on a promotion or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization — in seconds. It helps ensure your applications remain current and well aligned with your organization’s changing business objectives.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud

Discover, capture, automate, manage and audit repeatable business decisions from this hosted and fully managed ODM solution.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering of IBM suite of ODM solutions, IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud provides all the business rule management functionality of IBM’s on-premises offering, IBM Operational Decision Manager.

Multiple environments are incorporated into the solution. You can customize the instance to match your staging process — with additional execution environments such as a user acceptance test environment or a pre-production environment. It is packaged in a monthly subscription. You choose the ready-to-use solution that suits your needs, so you can get your decision management project up to speed and into production as fast as possible, with a minimum initial investment in capital, hardware and operational skills.

IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS

IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS® extends the capabilities of the standard edition and offers full transactional and batch-decision automation across the enterprise.

Fully compatible with the rule management capabilities of IBM’s family of ODM offerings, this solution also provides lifecycle support for business decisions invoked from COBOL, PL/I and Java applications executing in IBM CICS®, IBM IMS™ and batch environments. This includes capabilities for decision testing and simulation within either the Rule Execution Server (RES) in IBM WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS or the zRule Execution Server (zRES) for z/OS environments, as well as the ability to trace how a business decision is made in the zRule Execution Server using the Decision Warehouse feature.

Business users, developers and IT specialists are invited to try IBM Operational Decision Manager

Discover the essentials of decision automation with IBM Decision Composer

Try IBM Decision Composer, the cloud-based decision automation tool where business users can model, author, validate, share and run business rules in a no-code environment.

Try IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud

Quickly begin capturing, managing and automating decisions with your complimentary 30-day full-access trial of IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud.

Are you a Developer? Try IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers

Try IBM Operational Decision Manager through a developer-friendly Docker image straight from Docker Hub.

Why IBM?

Your cloud or the IBM Cloud

Take advantage of quick and simple setup with either our SaaS offering or deploying on your own cloud with virtualized containers.


Automate complex rules at scale

Get the ODM capabilities, scalability and performance on a wide variety of platforms from on premises to public cloud.


A price and package for nearly every budget

IBM Operational Decision Manager is available in many budget-friendly options. Take advantage of attractive offerings, such as flexible monthly subscriptions or express editions.

Extend the value of business-decision automation

The true power of automation is in connecting your business rules with other tasks, processes and workflows within your organization. A comprehensive, integrated platform for achieving your digital business automation objectives, IBM's digital business automation platform can help your organization unlock its fullest potential.

Make bots smarter with agile decisions
(Decisions + Tasks)

Combining robotic process automation (RPA) and decision automation helps your RPA bots more effectively handle tasks where business rules change frequently, such as those involving eligibility, compliance, pricing and tax decisions.

Simplify business application changes
(Decisions + Workflow)

Decouple business rules from business process applications, enabling business rules to be changed daily or weekly, without having to redeploy the entire application.

Flexible deployment options to meet your needs

With flexible deployment options, featuring common tools and capabilities across all hosting environments, you can deploy and run the automation platform in the environment that best meets your needs: your cloud, the IBM Cloud, on-premise or any combination of the three.

WestJet Airlines delivers an exceptional travel experience

WestJet Airlines, Canada's low-cost carrier, is enriching its air-travel experience, using IBM Operational Decision Manager to provide customers with more meaningful notifications from the moment they decide to take a trip to the
day they return. Watch the WestJet video.

Use cases

Reducing risk and ensuring compliance

Banking and insurance organizations must comply with ever-changing regulations and document their operations for compliance audits. Non-compliance results not only in fines but also in erosion of customer trust. Additionally, it’s difficult to identify where compliance updates must be performed within applications. And there’s a risk of misinterpreting new regulations in manual operations.

Increased automation of business decisions limits interpretation risk, and with IBM Operational Decision Manager you can automate more decisions and log them for precise documentation and audit trails.

See how The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. simplified its compliance-reporting process using IBM Operational Decision Manager.

Proactively countering fraud

Perpetrators of fraud are continuously adapting their strategies to avoid new fraud detection patterns. You need intelligent systems that can analyze historical banking transactions to be able to filter suspicious actions from legitimate ones. IBM Operational Decision Manager can detect and react to threats and vulnerabilities, and can quickly respond to changing business conditions — so your fraud detection systems can adapt as fast as new threats appear. The solution will enable you to assemble historical actions and analytical models to provide decision contexts and identify fraudulent transactions.

See how to use IBM Operational Decision Manager to counter fraud proactively.

Optimizing pricing and packaging

Businesses face numerous obstacles to dynamic pricing and personalized packaging, particularly managing this at scale. This could range from the inability to use customer data and preferences, the inability to accurately detect prices based on market conditions and profitability or even the inability to roll out price and packaging changes quickly.

IBM Operational Decision Manager enables companies to tailor products and prices to an individual’s spending inclination, using rich information within the customer database.

See how Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. delivered more personalized services using automated business rules.

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