What is the automation software platform?

The IBM automation software platform is an essential and flexible set of pre-integrated software for designing, building and running intelligent automation services, applications and digital workers on any cloud, using low-code tools wherever possible.

What can you do with the automation software platform?

  • Automate complex and less-structured business processes and optimize lighter customer experiences for task efficiency. 
  • Enable a few expert employees to create great customer experiences at scale. 
  • Measure, in real time, the value of human and automated work across your business.  

AI digital workers

By combining automation and AI, you can build and manage digital workers that automate lower-impact work like data entry and assist with higher-impact work like decision making.


ROI of the IBM automation software platform

Six-hundred seventy-five percent return on investment over a three-year benefit period and a payback on costs of less than six months.

IBM: A leader in digital process automation

“[IBM] has done some of the most pragmatic integration of IBM's Watson AI capabilities to drive process-specific business value.”




Embedded AI helps significantly improve worker productivity and engagement.

Low-code tooling

Business users can build and deploy automation applications and services with little IT support.

360° real-time visibility

Dashboards help you monitor and measure the human and automated work done across your operations.