IBM acquires RPA provider

Learn how to get started with extreme automation using AI-driven RPA.


What is the IBM Automation software platform?

IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation is a flexible set of integrated software that helps you design, build and run intelligent automation services and applications on any cloud, using low-code tools.

What can you do with the IBM Automation software platform?

  • Automate complex and less-structured business processes and optimize lighter customer experiences for task efficiency. 
  • Enable a few expert employees to create great customer experiences at scale. 
  • Measure, in real time, the value of human and automated work across your business.  


ROI and payback on costs

See how one IBM automation platform customer realized 675% ROI over a three-year benefit period and a payback on costs of less than six months.

The buyer’s guide

This buyer's guide from IBM addresses questions that you might have when considering the IBM Automation® software platform.

Platform trial

Take the guided trial to see how IBM Cloud Pak for Automation can automate any use case, beginning with processing customer refund requests.




Embedded AI helps significantly improve worker productivity and engagement.

Low-code tooling

Business users can build and deploy automation applications and services with little IT support.

360° real-time visibility

Dashboards help you monitor and measure the human and automated work done across your operations.