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Automation is part of every enterprise's agenda, but many are struggling to make their vision a reality. Experts from IBM can help.


Plan, pilot and scale

Build a strategy-and-execution blueprint to realize intelligent automation benefits fast.

Create digital workers

Optimize talent with human-machine collaboration and create fully automated roles.

Modernize operations

Execute work with greater speed, efficiency, security, insight and control.

IBM experts working for you

IBM’s automation services help clients around the world transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent digital operations. These services rely on AI, process automation and advanced analytics to help deliver higher-quality processes at lower cost with less risk. They address the four fundamental steps of process design: 

  • Assess business process workflow and redesign. 
  • Select automation technologies and determine how they fit with the enterprise architecture. 
  • Deploy accelerated proofs of concept using specific automation solutions. 
  • Integrate AI to create self-healing and autonomic processes and provide business insights.

Video series

Watch technology experts and leaders discuss major automation trends


Automation advisory

Build a strategy-and-execution blueprint to realize intelligent automation benefits fast.

Automation production

Accelerate the design, build and operation of highly automated business and IT processes.

Automation as a service

Get configurable services delivered on a subscription, transactional or outcome basis.

Automation services platform

Use a ready-to-go environment for automation that offers rapid prototyping and scaling.

Automation education

Develop the automation skills and common language to improve effectiveness and teamwork.

Case studies

See how leading companies are automating with help from IBM

Industry solutions

Transform and optimize business processes with automation

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