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The IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is an integrated platform of five automation capabilities that help organizations drive virtually all types of automation projects — large and small — at speed and scale. With flexible options to deploy the platform on the IBM Cloud™, your cloud, or a traditional on-premises installation, we have the right solution for your automation needs.

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Use bots to automate human tasks

You can increase productivity and free employees to focus on higher-value expert work. Learn more about automating human tasks

IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

Automate tasks with robotic process automation (RPA), which is integrated with IBM Business Process Manager Express, helping you to orchestrate and manage multiple RPA bots and better handle business process exceptions.

Share and manage enterprise content

Content management software helps you secure, govern, understand and automate access to your business content. Learn more about automating content management

IBM FileNet Content Manager

Help improve lifecycle management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content-based application development and compliance, and governance.

IBM Content Foundation

Gain robust content lifecycle and document management capabilities with an application designed to deliver a fast, cost-effective solution for improved control of existing and new types of content.

IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Automatically capture high volumes of outbound statements and correspondence and gain powerful archive, search and fast retrieval options.

IBM Watson® Explorer

Mine and explore your unstructured data with cognitive exploration, powerful text analytics and machine learning.

Design and manage end-to-end workflows

You can orchestrate straight-through and case-oriented workflows with the highly flexible, scalable framework from IBM for building business applications. Learn more about automating end-to-end workflows

IBM Business Automation Workflow

IBM Business Automation Workflow combines business process management and case management to unite information, process and people to provide a 360-degree view of work. In addition to process management and case management, IBM Business Automation Workflow uses advanced analytics, business rules and collaboration to drive more successful, optimized business outcomes.

IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud

This subscription–based Business Automation Workflow on Cloud service is an integrated offering that combines business process and case management service into a single workflow offering in the IBM Cloud™. With this service, you can start projects immediately, all within a ready-to-use, cloud–based environment that is hosted in the cloud datacenters and managed by IBM.

Automate data capture

Quickly capture, understand and deliver valuable data from your business documents. Learn more about automating data capture

IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer

The newest intelligent capture service from IBM is designed to be embedded into any existing applications as a value-add intelligent capture layer. It offers an easy-to-configure document training tool, with no templating required.  Content Analyzer allows you to apply intelligent capture technologies where needed and train the system to extract, classify and understand data from documents in minutes, not weeks.

IBM Datacap software applications

Automate the capture, recognition and classification of business documents to more quickly and accurately extract important information and accelerate business processes; the software is available on the cloud, through a streamlined mobile interface or with enhanced cognitive capture to automate processing of complex unstructured documents.

IBM Datacap on Cloud

Designed as the next generation of data capture for the cognitive era, this software helps you identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents without manual intervention by using natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies like those in IBM Watson.

Automate business decisions

Automating business rules can improve your business responsiveness, reduce compliance risk and streamline workflow processes. Learn more about automating business decisions

IBM Operational Decision Manager

Capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions with this robust business rules management solution, designed to keep your applications up to date and well aligned with the changing business objectives of your organization.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud

You can improve business performance by capturing, automating, managing and auditing repeatable business decisions with a hosted and fully managed solution by IBM.

Model business processes

You can document and model business processes in the cloud. This helps collaboratively discover, design and manage business processes across your organization. Learn more about process mapping and modeling

IBM Blueworks Live

Discover, map and document your processes with this easy-to-use, cloud-based business process modeling tool.

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Get the latest product information, guides, demos and more to help you automate all types of work at scale.

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IBM offers a scalable platform for rapidly prototyping solutions that automate and augment critical business processes. With an established ecosystem and industry expertise, you can start quickly and scale to enterprise-wide deployment — without the fragmentation of platform and skills that is common to other providers.