Automating tasks with robots


Build a bot to automate repetitive tasks and maximize productivity 

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll create, run, extend, manage and monitor a simple robot to automate the processing of sales leads using IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere.


Build and extend bots to handle exceptions

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll build a robotic process automation (RPA) bot that launches a BPMN workflow to handle exceptions that can’t be automated by a bot because they’re asynchronous and require human judgment.

Automating decisions


Build a Decision Service

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll build a decision service for an online loan application. Learn how to manage decisions separate from business applications, author and test business rules, and simulate the impact of decision updates.

Sharing and managing enterprise content


Configure and use IBM Content Navigator to manage enterprise content

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, explore how to add and edit documents in a browser, secure private data, collaborate on content with others, and work with content everywhere, including mobile apps.

Capturing data from content


Easily configure document classification and entity extraction

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial,  explore how to classify a new document type, extract data fields from documents, and configure new annotators to capture additional information using IBM Datacap Insight Edition.

Modeling processes


Create your first process and more using  IBM Blueworks Live 

In this 45-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll use the tool to create your first process, add and view process details, and collaborate with your team.

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