Automating tasks with robots

Product Overview

Introduction to RPA using an account opening scenario

In this video, see how a robotic process automation (RPA) bot can free employees from highly repetitive, manual tasks in a before/after account opening scenario.

Automating decisions

Product Overview

Act on insights from Twitter data using decision management

In this overview video, see how you can detect and automatically respond to local conditions that could impact your business using decision management.

Product Overview

Prevent and detect fraud using decision management

In this overview video, see how automating decisions can help banks detect and prevent fraud in near real-time and give customers a more personalized experience.

Designing and managing workflows

Product Overview

Announcing IBM Business Automation Workflow

In this blog, learn about this new offering for business automation professionals that combines the best features of IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Case Manager for better outcomes.

Product Overview

Features and Benefits of IBM Business Automation Workflow

In this product flyer, learn what IBM Business Automation Workflow offers to make it easier to examine current workflows and discover new ways to automate and scale work.

Capturing data from content

Product overview

Improve customer experience with mobile data capture

In this video, see how you can send data and documents faster, allowing for real-time responses, using IBM Datacap Mobile Capture.

Sharing and managing enterprise content

Product overview

Getting started with IBM Content Foundation

In this video, learn the important product features that can help you reduce cost and risk, including cognitive search capabilities. 

Modeling processes

Product Overview

IBM Blueworks Live in 20 seconds

In this one-pager, quickly learn the key features and benefits of this process modeling tool.

Using a platform to automate work

Product Overview

Key capabilities for reinventing business with automation

In this white paper, learn about the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business and what it takes to automate at scale to transform customer experiences and control costs.

Product Overview

How a platform can help you automate at speed and scale

In this overview video, see how the integrated IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business helps you automate your start-to-finish business operations with speed and scale. 

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