Product overview

Improve customer experience with mobile data capture

In this video, see how you can send data and documents faster, allowing for real-time responses, using IBM Datacap Mobile Capture.

Buying guide

The essential buyer’s guide to data capture and automation

This guide can help you understand what’s needed to deploy a successful capture process, what to look for in a data capture solution and how IBM can help.


How to use cognitive data capture with robotic process automation

In this demo, see how you can scan, classify and extract data from insurance renewal quote documents. Export to IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere for further task automation.


How to use Datacap MetaBot with robotic process automation

In this demo, see how you can insert advanced document recognition into IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere for native and easy integration.


How to use IBM Datacap Mobile for account opening documents

In this demo, see how your users or customers can capture, verify and submit the documents you need using IBM Datacap Mobile. 


How to use cognitive data capture in unstructured documents

In this demo, see how you can classify and extract data from unstructured documents using the built-in text analytics capabilities of IBM Datacap Insight Edition.


How to easily capture and understand your documents using AI

In this demo, see the new IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer in action. Includes creation of a document class and its title, classification words and keys – all in an easy to use cloud service configured for business analysts and powered by AI. 


Guided product demo: Quickly capture and deliver data from your documents

In this guided demo (10:00), learn how to capture valuable data from business documents and enterprise content using IBM Datacap Insight. Walk through tasks like importing a doc, extracting and verifying the data, understanding meaning using AI technologies, and more.


Easily configure document classification and entity extraction

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial,  explore how to classify a new document type, extract data fields from documents, and configure new annotators to capture additional information using IBM Datacap Insight Edition.

Business value and ROI

Why data capture and automation are key to digital transformation

In this analyst paper, Frost & Sullivan discuss how enterprises can use data capture and automation to unlock the valuable information inside business documents to drive productivity, shrink cycle times, improve decision making and boost the bottom line.

Business value and ROI

Turkey’s leading customer experience solution center reaps multiple benefits from document management

In this video (2:28), hear how Turkcell Global Bilgi was able to speed document processing with automatic reading rates of 90%; improve operational efficiency by 80%; and improve productivity, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction using IBM Datacap capabilities. 

Peer reviews

"I like the granularity that IBM Datacap offers. I've worked with other capture solutions before, including FileNet Capture, Kofax and Captiva, to some extent. I haven't seen such a granular capture product. Because of that, we can achieve any … “–  Senior ECM Developer at DaVita , Kidney Care

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