Automating work at scale just got smarter and simpler

By Jordan Carlson

We’ve been busy building on the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business this year to make automating work smarter and simpler. 

Smarter, how?  

We’ve added more applied intelligence to the platform with the new IBM Business Automation Insights (BAI) capability. BAI collects and continuously feeds your business data from one or more our platform components (e.g., workflow) into a data lake. Each component is pre-configured to understand the data flowing through the platform. This feature provides you with a 360-degree view of your operations and enables you to improve your automation projects.

If you’re on a path to evolve from basic to more intelligent automation, one of the first things you need to do is collect and analyze data from across your business to have full, real-time visibility into your operations. Then, you can apply machine learning algorithms to that data to make recommendations or automatic adjustments to workflows and decisions. 

In sum, BAI does these four things:

  • Collects: Captures business data from start to finish from our different platform components into a data lake.
  • Visualizes: Provides real-time visibility to business managers through pre-defined or user-configured dashboards. 
  • Measures: Correlates and measures the data based on user-defined business and operational metrics.
  • Learns and guides: Enables data scientists to apply machine learning to the operational data lake to make recommendations to knowledge workers on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and decisions.

Based on popular open source technologies like Kafka and Elastic search for fast adoption, BAI is part of the fabric of our automation platform. It’s not a bolt-on or addition. 

Simpler, how? 

We’ve made our platform capabilities simpler to adopt, use and manage over time (e.g., making it easier to install and configure on the cloud).

We’ve simplified the experience in three ways:

  1. Made our automation platform available in virtualized containers. This improvement allows you to design, develop, deploy and manage model-driven applications on your own cloud. It’s easier to deploy digital business automation applications and provides innovative capabilities like BAI.   
  2. Eliminated the need to choose between Business Process Management or Case Management on the Cloud. Earlier this year, we announced the IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) offering, which combines our market-leading IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Case Manager solutions. The combination unites information, process and users to provide a 360-degree view of work, with advanced analytics, business rules and collaboration to help you drive better outcomes. Additionally, all of the BAW capabilities come in a ready-to-use, cloud-based environment hosted in IBM Cloud data centers and managed by IBM.  You no longer have to choose between these two leading process automation technologies. The only choice you need to make is between the Express or Enterprise editions.  
  3. Made it quicker and more affordable to manage your content across the enterprise. Deploying an enterprise content management solution used to require a large upfront capital investment, dedicated infrastructure, resources and lots of time. Today, all you need is a workstation with a browser and an internet connection. 

If you missed the announcement a few months ago, IBM Business Automation Content Services on Cloud (BACSoC) provides the broadest and deepest market-leading content management capabilities. 

  • Need to quickly deploy a new content-based application, or extend an existing environment?  BACSoC Express provides everything you need to get started, for a low, flexible monthly subscription. User access is conveniently and quickly available from the public cloud and is encrypted to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140 - 2 in transit and at rest. VPN access is available as an option as well.  
  • Ready to expand?  BACSoC Enterprise provides you with separate development, test and production environments that can quickly scale to meet dynamic business needs. All features are accessible from your IBM Digital Business Automation portal.  Best of all, you can change from the Express environment without the need to migrate.  

As we continue to build the best automation platform for our clients, we’ll continue to share noteworthy product updates that can help you make more informed solution decisions. 

If you’d like to connect with one of our automation experts, schedule a 30-minute consultation or contact your IBM representative directly.  

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