Automate any type of work on any cloud platform

By John Davies

You’re probably using three or more clouds to run your businesses like a lot of companies these days. And the reasons for doing so vary — reducing operating costs, avoiding dependency on one provider, improving customer experience.

When you’re trying to quickly build and run automation applications and services, deployment flexibility is a competitive advantage. Beyond having your choice of essential automation capabilities, you want the freedom to deploy and run them in your choice of environment: your cloud, managed cloud, on premises or some combination of the three.

Now, with the introduction of IBM Cloud Pak™ for Automation, you can build and deploy automation applications on any cloud using an integrated and managed collection of containerized business automation services.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation provides the following four advantages:

1. You can deploy and run on any cloud platform. IBM Cloud Pak is certified for Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud™ – and runs on any Kubernetes.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Run on one or more private or public clouds.
  • Migrate existing automation runtimes without application changes or data migration.

2. You can see and measure the performance of your business operations.

Wherever IBM Cloud Pak automates work, it also collects and consolidates large amounts of data for real-time operational performance visibility.

  • Business managers can monitor performance across the entire platform – not just at an individual product or process level – using predefined or user-configured dashboards.
  • Machine learning and AI can then be applied to your pre-curated operational data to derive recommendations for process and decision optimization.

3. You can deploy faster.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, you get essential, pre-integrated automation software and low-code tools to help you quickly develop modern applications – at scale. Deployment is simplified by having:

  • Common governance and infrastructure management
  • Topology-aware containers that simplify the operation and administration of automation capabilities and common configuration
  • Multicloud support for scaling up or down quickly and moving between clouds for cost savings

4. You can buy it easily.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is one flexible package with simple, consistent licensing. You only pay for what you need at the time. You have the flexibility to reallocate licenses to other platform capabilities in the future.

  • Choose perpetual or monthly pricing.
  • Buy new, exchange, or trade-up from eligible stand-alone entitlements.

In sum, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is our new containerized automation software platform with pre-integrated capabilities such as workflow and decision automation, content management, document processing and operational intelligence. It empowers business users to rapidly deliver applications at enterprise scale for greater cost savings and operational efficiencies. It also integrates with IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere to automate highly repetitive tasks.

To see how to easily deploy IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, watch this demo video. (04:31)

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