A new single build experience for accelerating digital transformation

By Scott Mills

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell?

  • You’re part of a development team tasked with building business solutions that require different services, and you’re compelled to work in different tooling environments. Each environment has its own idiosyncrasies, including its own lifecycle and governance, and it’s up to your team to hand code the interaction between those services.
  • You’re an IT administrator and your team is behind delivering on business requirements to automate more.
  • You’re a line-of-business owner or subject matter expert who wants a more direct role in digitizing your business.

To address the challenges above, IBM Cloud Pak™ for Automation has introduced a single build experience called IBM Business Automation Studio (see the following figure) to help IT and business teams accelerate digital transformation. Business Automation Studio integrates IBM Cloud Pak for Automation under a single authoring build environment for developing and integrating business services, applications and digital workers. The low-code tooling allows traditional developers to deliver more and enables business owners and subject matter experts to directly contribute to digitizing solutions.

ibm business automation studio homepage screen shot

Business Automation Studio home page

Business Automation Studio was designed to deliver on the following key principals and supporting capabilities:

1. Give business owners and subject matter experts a direct role in digitizing their business

  • Unified landing page for all platform designers
  • Low-code and enterprise designers
  • Common consistency among designers
  • Easy navigation among designers
  • Author automation business services
  • Consume these business services in applications and digital workers

2. Ensure lifecycle and governance consistency so authors can create and manage their projects

  • Common authorization and project collaboration
  • Project branching and snapshots
  • Common decision-making and oversight process

3. Promote and discover reusable assets

  • Templates used to accelerate building your projects and toolkits to promote reuse
  • Configurators provided that discover deployed services

4. Facilitate communication among authors working on projects

  • Project discussion threads
  • Notification of project updates

Today, Business Automation Studio is the entry point to the following tools:

  • IBM Business Automation Application Designer is a low-code application builder where business users can build, modify and refine business automation-based applications, taking advantage of the capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation through iterative development and playback. The low-code building experience focuses on page creation with easy-to-use methods for populating the page with UI views and configuration.
  • IBM Business Content Analyzer is the cloud-based REST API web service, designed to work with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. It helps you accelerate extraction and classification of data in your documents — no matter what you’re using today.
  • IBM Automation Digital Worker is used to automate or augment the activities of a job with digital workers. It helps human workers offload lower-impact work in favor of higher-impact work that requires their uniquely human expertise.

What should you expect next in the single build experience?  

  • Look for expanded and new capabilities in the key principal areas
  • New integrated designers

To see how easy it is to build an automation application using the low-code Application Designer, watch this demo video (04:45).

Experience Business Automation Studio, low-code designers like Application Designer, and other automation software tools at IBM Think 2020, 4 – 7 May, San Francisco.

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