What is the platform?

The IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is an integrated platform of five automation capabilities that help business people drive virtually all types of automation projects at speed and scale.

You can automate repetitive human tasks, content management, process workflows, data capture and business decisions with the platform’s flexible, integrated capabilities.

What would you like to automate?

The platform capabilities purposefully address five key areas that exist in every organization and where automation provides clear benefits.

Tasks – Use bots to automate human tasks

Record and automate repetitive human tasks to automate mundane work, eliminate copy-and-paste and data entry errors, and free employee time to do higher-value work.

Content – Share and manage enterprise content

Provide highly secure and compliant management of most types of content, support instant access to content, connect content to digital business applications and help assure governance and compliance.  

Workflow – Design and manage end-to-end workflows

Model, automate, change, monitor, and optimize core business processes to improve consistency across tasks and processes, increase productivity, and increase straight-through processing.

Capture – Capture, classify and extract data from content

Digitize business documents, so you can classify those documents and extract important data from them, reduce or eliminate manual entry and errors, increase efficiency and productivity, and automate the extraction of insights from unstructured data.

Decisions – Automate decisions with business rules

Capture, automate and manage business rules to encourage rapid adaptation to change, increase the consistency and auditability of decisions, and detect problem situations in real time.

Intelligent automation starts with operational insights

Businesses are drowning in operational data, and leaders are challenged to turn that data into insight and action. As you start your journey to intelligent automation by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in your business operations, you first need to centralize your operational data. With IBM Business Automation Insights, you can:

  • Capture end-to-end business data from the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business
  • Visualize operational data with pre-built or user-configured dashboards for real-time visibility into your business operations
  • Measure the performance based on collected metrics
  • Act on your centralized operational data by using machine learning to improve operations

Flexible deployment options to meet your needs

With flexible deployment options, featuring common tools and capabilities across all hosting environments, you can deploy and run the automation platform in the environment that best meets your needs: your cloud, the IBM Cloud, on-premise or any combination of the three.

Why choose the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business?

IBM’s automation platform provides the ability to automate virtually all types of work across the enterprise — from highly repetitive and administrative to more personalized, expert-level work. IBM’s automation platform provides flexible, integrated features with these benefits:



The platform features — such as workflow, decision automation and content manager — are deeply integrated so you get more value when you use multiple components.

Consistent user experience and operational insights

The platform provides a common, consistent user experience across operations, and supports reusable skills and assets that users can share among capabilities. Platform services help drive analytics and operational insights.

The ability to start and buy solutions more easily

You can start small with one capability, then mix and match capabilities as business needs evolve. You also have the flexibility to deploy the platform on premise or in the cloud, either the IBM Cloud or another cloud you manage.

Request a digital business automation consultation

Use this 30-minute session to support your automation software solution research. While the conversation will be tailored to your company and specific needs, some frequently discussed topics include: 

  • Where do want to be in your business automation journey?
  • How can you implement the IBM platform, from small task automation projects (including RPA) to enterprisewide platform adoption?
  • What lessons has IBM learned from hundreds of business automation deployments?

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IBM offers a scalable platform for rapidly prototyping solutions that automate and augment critical business processes. With an established ecosystem and industry expertise, you can start quickly and scale to enterprise-wide deployment — without the fragmentation of platform and skills that is common to other providers.