Announcing IBM Automation Document Processing

Learn about the four benefits of applying AI-led automation to document processing


What is automated document processing?  

Automated document processing is a solution that combines AI with deep learning and low-code tooling to eliminate manual document processing. It makes it quick, accurate and easy to classify and extract information from business documents.

Why use automated document processing?

The exponential demand for processing documents far exceeds the staffing and developers at a given enterprise.    

No-code document modeling and rapid system training using deep learning can significantly reduce the number of document samples and time required to train the solution. This enables fast deployment and faster return on investment. 

With an integrated data validation workflow, document submitters can quickly and intuitively review, verify and correct document classification and extraction results in real-time. This can speed responsiveness and increase data quality delivered to other applications.  

Automation platform integration with low-code developer tools enable business users to create and use automated document processing services within content- and workflow-centric applications. 


Adapt quickly with AI

Model and process new documents rapidly using deep learning.

Power transformative applications

Deliver more data faster to digital transformation projects with AI-led automation tools.

Faster return on investment

Reduce project lead times and risk with rapid training, building and deployment.

See it in action 



Tap into the platform’s full set of capabilities for automating all types of work at scale.

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