Experience automation applied holistically across the enterprise.

  • Experience for yourself how automation and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can help your organization pursue flawless quality, speed time to market and increase client and employee engagement.
  • Get customized briefings and demonstrations based on your unique needs.
  • Co-create automation solutions with IBM experts to tackle your automation challenges.

A peek inside the Automation Innovation Center

Monitoring automation using multiple computers, monitors, and charts.

Automation Operation Command Center

Experience automation monitoring of over 800 automata in production real time, across 100+ clients, with insightful dashboards.

Corner room setup with computers ready for demonstrations.

Automation Partnership Corner

See solutions and demonstrations with partners like BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, iPSoft, and Softomotive.

A theater setup to demonstrate automation capabilities.

Automation Experience Zone

The Automation Experience Zone helps showcase Automation capabilities with over 30 automation demos available across business and IT processes.

People in an open room working to rapidly design, and develop an automation prototype.

Automation Delivery and Innovation Arena

Talk to Automation Platform experts for a quick briefing on cutting-edge functionalities and learn how rapid prototyping can help build a PoC solution for your business. See Automation developers building new solutions.

A collaborative area for experts to get together and solve their problems with automation.

Automation Co-creation Space

Co-create Automation solutions for your unique needs using Design Thinking workshops, accelerators such as Automation personas and empathy maps that provide the humanization needed to drive ease of adoption.

IBM Automation Innovation Centers are staffed by over 200 IBM engineers and scientists and focused on the latest automation technologies across business and IT processes. The Centers' staff works with IBM clients and provide experiential demonstrations, rapid prototyping, and Design Thinking-led co-creation of automation solutions and journeys.

IBM invests over USD five billion annually in research and development and is rolling out these centers around the world to provide clients with hands-on access to the latest in automation technology and solutions.

The Global Automation Innovation Center in India primarily supports clients from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It provides services, Center of Excellence support and command center operations for IBM clients. The Automation Innovation Center in China primarily supports clients in China and Japan including any clients requiring double-byte character set requirements.

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Automation Innovation Centers

Bangalore, India

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
Embassy Golf Links Business Park
Block A, Embassy Cypress Pt
Indiranagar-Koramangala Intermediate Ring Rd
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560017

Dalian, China

No.34 HongChuan East Road
High-Tech Zone District
Dalian, China 116044

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