On-demand webinar: Infuse intelligence into your decisions

Learn how machine learning improves decision-making with James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions.


What is decision automation?

Decision automation uses machine learning and business rules to help you improve the customer experience and make intelligent operational decisions.

Why automate decisions?

A business rules management system (BRMS) enables businesses to create and manage business logic independently from applications and processes. In addition, by infusing machine learning, businesses can make decisions with precision, targeting each customer interaction and touchpoint intelligently.

Because decision models are easily integrated with other IT systems, your applications can scale and execute automated decisions across multiple channels. When changes to decision models are required, business users can quickly update them, providing the agility and speed needed to meet changing business demands.


Empower business users

Allow business users to intuitively model, author and validate decisions, all in a low-code environment.

Infuse decisions with AI

Combine predictive models with prescriptive rules to help improve business outcomes.

Gain business agility

Adapt quickly to changing conditions to help keep your business on track.

See it in action



Tap into the platform’s full set of capabilities for automating all types of work at scale.

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