What is talent development?

Talent development means helping employees achieve their potential and develop a rewarding career path within your organization, which ultimately helps your company sustain and grow. The business value of talent development is as important as the value to the employee –the practice contributes to increases in customer satisfaction, operational success, sales growth, and more. Deliver a personalized career path and exceptional employee experience with IBM’s AI-powered talent development solutions, and help drive transformational change within your business.

Employees now don’t necessarily want to go from Step A to Step B to Step C in their career. It’s a different workforce. It’s a different world.

Tanya Moore, Director, Career & Skills, IBM

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IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

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IBM Watson Career Coach

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Transform your business with AI-enhanced talent development.


Choosing the right person for the right job, and assessing traits, skills, and fit for individuals, managers, and leaders is crucial to your success.

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments offers an expansive portfolio of assessments that assess personality traits, problem solving, learned skills, and job/organizational fit. Our assessments are designed for all levels of an organization, including individual contributors, managers, and leaders.

Part of the intelligence of this is that we can’t have an individual career coach for every person, given the staff levels you run...Everybody would like to have a mentor that can help plot every move that a person can make.

Bruce Van Saun, Chairman and CEO, Citizens Financial Group

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