Why use assessment tests?

92% of talent professionals say that soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills when they hire. The disconnect between the demand for soft skills and the inability to identify them is reaching a breaking point.
The best assessment tests increase objectivity and prediction while identifying reliable measures of skill, ability, personality, values, interests, and knowledge. Our proven, valid, and legally defensible assessments can provide the insights you need for success.

The only competitive advantage that an organization can have is having great people. We have new tools — like personality assessments and predictive tests — where we can link softer skills to actual results of our current employees.

Kristina Deighan, Global Manager, Talent Attraction, ZX Ventures

Assessing for best fit



Assessments are 2X more likely to provide hiring managers with insights into whether candidates are a good fit for jobs.



Businesses using pre-hire assessments are 36% more likely than all others to be satisfied with their new hires.



Businesses using pre-hire assessments are 13% more likely to have new hires who meet performance goals over past 12 months.



Businesses using pre-hire assessments are 17% more likely to have employees rate themselves as highly engaged.

Talent assessment solutions


  • 1500+ “ready-to-use” job, skill and behavioral assessments
  • Content library of 200k behavioral items
  • Configurable behavior assessments
  • 44+ languages

Enterprise customization

  • Custom assessments to meet your specific business needs
  • Cybersecurity aptitude tests to address skills gap
  • 30+ years of behavioral science backed by best-in-class I/O psychologists
  • Quickly sift through talent pools

Proven, legally defensible

  • Proven, valid and legally defensible assessments
  • 30+ million assessed annually
  • 4,000+ clients
  • Comparative scoring & easy to understand reporting
  • Easily compliment your current assessment solutions

Easily accessible

  • Access results from anywhere
  • ATS agnostic & integrated
  • Computer adaptive testing
  • Accessible User Experience
  • One unified experience across all platforms
  • Always get the insight you need

Customer success

"Assessments are critical for our organization. We’re going to bring in about 700,000 applicants in a given year in order to get to 35,000 hires. You can’t spend all of your time with the wrong people."

Are you responsible for hiring at a staffing agency?

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