Enable security-rich, managed protection of critical business data. A range of data backup services options with on-site or off-site data backup can help you lower operational risk and total cost of ownership.

As data grows exponentially and regulatory requirements increase, it's more critical than ever to have a lock on continuous backup. Enhance data protection, mitigate information risk and ensure access to critical information with backup as a service (BUaaS) and cloud backup services—combined into powerful data protection services.


Real-time data availability

Restore operations, improve disaster recovery and get business resumption with data backup services.

Dedicated resiliency center

Safeguard critical data from System z®, iSeries, pSeries, xSeries and open systems sources through server replication to a resiliency center of your choice with enterprise backup solutions.

Advanced analytics

Deepen insights into your existing environment to expand both predictive and prescriptive actions and introduce cognitive technologies.

Backup as a service (BUaaS)

Get robust capabilities for virtualized and cloud-based deployments that go well beyond what traditional data backup solutions can achieve. BUaaS offers continuous data protection of all your workloads, whether on-premises, on IBM Cloud® or in a hybrid infrastructure model—with a single enterprise backup solution.

Resiliency disaster recovery as a service

IBM DRaaS reliably helps recover critical IT business processes and data to support business resiliency. It also provides comprehensive disaster recovery services, including health monitoring as well as continuous replication of applications, infrastructure, data and cloud systems.

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Cyber resilience services

Empower your business to continue to function with the least amount of disruption in the face of cyberattacks by combining cybersecurity, business continuity and network resilience.


Data backup

Learn to adopt new data backup technologies and procedures to solve challenges with data growth, increased data value, more-demanding recovery time objectives and ransomware.

Disaster recovery

Learn about disaster recovery planning and get guidance on whether disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is the right choice for your backup and disaster recovery solution.

Cyber resilience

Cyber resilience enables data and application availability. Learn the best practices that help enterprises defend against malicious attacks and how to recover from a breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way.

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