Who knows more about protecting Z than Z people?

Feature spotlights

Allow RACF security personnel to focus on high value tasks

Minimize the need for highly specialized IBM® Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) administration skills and leverage decentralized RACF administration to lessen the burden on senior IT security staff.

View and manage profiles using Microsoft Windows

Enable service and help desk staff, as well as line-of-business security administrators to view and manage profiles and data sets directly from a user-friendly Microsoft Windows interface, rather than having to access separate IBM Time Sharing Option/Interactive System Productivity Facility (TSO/ISPF) screens. Tasks such as access control list (ACL) modification, profile copying and deleting, and changes and resets to passwords can be handled with minimal training, helping to lower IT overhead.

Reduce decentralized RACF administrator security risks

Provide scoped administrative rights to help manage security and privacy. Service desk, help desk staff or security administrators view only the profiles and actions they are allowed to administer. For example, a help desk staff member who can reset passwords (but has no other rights) will not be able to initiate commands for creating new users. Additionally, you can reduce costs and effort by not needing to roll out TSO/ISPF and 3270 sessions to your staff.

Empower business users to quickly identify security threats

If mistakes are made, a programmer can bypass the access control system. The spreadsheet-like, point-and-click interface in zSecure™ Visual allows business managers and auditors alike to quickly view vital information about staff and resources in a read-only format, which can help reduce the requirement for ad hoc or periodic distribution of reports.

Works with common IBM platforms

IBM® Security zSecure Visual, part of IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Administration is accessible with IBM Security QRadar® SIEM, IBM Security Guardium®, RACF and IBM MFA solutions.

Improve scalability for big data systems

V2.2.1 allows storage above the 2 GB boundary ("the bar") to enable processing of more data. Note that the ability to use more virtual memory can have implications for paging and real storage needs. This also frees up storage below the bar for other programs. With models (z196 or higher), 64-bit addressing is activated automatically, though reverting back to 31-bit addressing is optional. You can select the program to run on the second panel of menu option SE.0 (SETUP RUN) in ISPF UI.

Technical details

Technical specifications

zSecure V2.2.1 also updates currency with products, applications, and standards to include:

  • CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret
  • IBM MQ
  • IBM Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF)
  • Windows server
  • Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
  • Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides (DISA STIGs)

Software requirements

Requirements: A supported IBM z Systems® server that is capable of supporting z®/OS V2.1, or later.

  • IBM z/OS® V1R12
  • IBM z/OS V1R13
  • IBM z/OS V2R1

Hardware requirements

A supported IBM z Systems server that is capable of supporting z/OS V2.1, or later.

  • Processor: Z800 (minimum); IBM System z9 or z10 Enterprise Class (EC) (recommended)
  • Disk space: 300 MB (minimum); 450 MB (recommended)
  • Memory: 1 GB (minimum); 2 GB (recommended)

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