Key Features

Simplify identity provisioning

Integrating with Active Directory and ServiceNow

Integrating with Active Directory and ServiceNow (03:40)

Simplify identity provisioning

Use API-based or SCIM-based provisioning for select applications. Apply supporting agents and adapters for Active Directory and for other on-prem targets like LDAP or Oracle.

Automate recertification

Automating recertification campaigns

Automating recertification campaigns (05:04)

Automate recertification

Establish a recertification cadence for higher-risk apps to meet compliance requirements. Run concurrent and recurring certification campaigns based on users, groups or both.

Delegate access control

Simplifying access requests

Simplifying access requests (02:25)

Delegate access control

Delegate application ownership to line-of-business managers, and empower them to provide employees with faster app access and a full app catalog.


Provision with Active Directory

Configure Verify user lifecycle management for on-prem Microsoft Active Directory.

Integrate with the Aquera platform

Learn about inbound human resources app integration and outbound provisioning use cases.

Try Verify at no cost

Get started with configuration guides and in-app help.