Enable EDI exchanges with small partners

Identifying the right solution to eliminate all manual and paper based transactions by converting them into Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) format with small or seasonal trading partners, not only reduces errors and saves time, it also helps in reducing the overall costs of managing a partner network. IBM Sterling Transaction Manager and Catalog Manager eliminate the exchange of paper-based transactions and manual processing of data by automating these transactions. You receive the benefits of automation with minimal impact to your trading partners' way of doing business.


Product options

  • IBM Sterling Supplier Transaction Manager - Electronic alternative to the inefficient paper-based communications with your non-EDI-enabled suppliers.
  • IBM Sterling Customer Transaction Manager - Automate and digitize sales and order processing with all of their B2B sales channels.
  • IBM Sterling Catalog Manager - Quickly and easily digitize manual product catalogs with confidence that product information is up to date and accurate.


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Benefits of IBM Sterling Transaction Manager and Catalog Manager

Enabling EDI exchanges reduces costs

Offers smaller trading partners options to convert email, fax and postal mail based documents into EDI standard exchange, which helps reduce errors and cut costs.

Enhance community visibility

Provides visibility into the performance of your entire hosted trading community complete with community-based reporting.

Business rule enforcement at all levels

Ensures compliance with established business processes by enforcing document choreography at document and process levels.

Automate small partner onboarding

Helps speed up the on-boarding process for small trading partners with automated registration and information gathering.