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Frequently asked questions



How does billing work for the subscription license?

You can purchase the SPSS Modeler Subscription as a monthly or annual subscription and will be charged at the beginning of the monthly or annual billing period. You will be automatically billed on a periodic basis, according to the terms of your subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription license?

To cancel your subscription plan, log into your My IBM account. On the Products page, click the Manage button next to your SPSS Modeler Subscription listing. Next, click the Cancel plan link on the Overview page. You will be sent an email with the next termination date based on your purchase date.

What are the software requirements for the subscription?

Our Modeler Subscription license is supported by Mac OS and Windows.

How do I add users to my subscription license?

Log into your My IBM account. On the Products page, click Manage next to your SPSS Modeler Subscription listing, then click Manage users, and Add new user.  Complete the user name and IBM ID/email address. The new user will receive an email invitation to use the service.

Do I have to be online to use the subscription license?

The SPSS Modeler Subscription can be used offline, but it requires a user to authenticate their license at least once every two weeks. We recommend that you first download and use the free trial subscription to ensure it is compatible for your situation before making a purchase.

Is the free trial identical to the base subscription?

No, this trial includes all add-on features. If you decide to purchase a base subscription, be sure to check which add-on is appropriate for your needs and include it in your purchase.

What other licensing options do you have available outside of the subscription license?

We have our single-user desktop application license where you can choose from three editions: professional, premium and gold. Please contact an IBM sales representative for more information. 

I'm looking for model management and have the ability to do version control. Which option is best for me?

Our gold edition offers both model management and version control. Please contact an IBM sales representative for more information. 

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