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IBM Blueworks Live

Facilitate remote collaboration and distribute new processes

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights with anyone in your organization

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Cloud Event Management

Prioritize, diagnose, assign and resolve incidents from a single service

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IBM Cloud for VMware

Subscribe to our self-service, multi-tenant solution and take advantage of a US$500 credit for 90 days

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IBM Cloud Garage

Request a no-charge business framing session for your client available remotely online, in a physical garage or at a client site

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IBM Cloud Identity

Secure user productivity with cloud-delivered Single Sign On and multifactor authentication

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IBM Cloud Object Storage

Ensure business continuity by securely storing data in the cloud and accessing when needed, with a US$1,500 credit over a 90-day period for IBM Cloud Storage

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IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

Maintain business continuity while migrating to remote work environments by building IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC configurations free of charge, up to US$500 in value

US$500 credit for 90 days

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Unlock key information and insights, giving greater visibility into space and facility utilization

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IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens

Reduce misinformation, deliver fast and accurate answers to COVID-19 and other citizen inquiries

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IBM Watson Media

Host conferences online and stream live to virtual audiences

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