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What does IBM Maximo Worker Insights do?

IBM Maximo Worker Insights puts compliance at the center of safety, making it easier to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace while adhering to new government and medical guidelines for returning to work. With the combination of advanced analytics and near real-time access to data from cameras, Bluetooth beacons, mobile phones, IoT wearable devices and environmental sensors, you can holistically manage both the facility and your workers. This powerful solution lets supervisors use sensor-based monitoring and predictive information to address issues and violations before they become problems that put worker health and safety at risk.


Gather more insights, faster

This solution quickly connects, ingests, aggregates and analyzes data from a wide variety of sources including cameras, Bluetooth beacons, sensors, wearables, legacy systems, weather feeds, and more.

Enable predictive prevention of workplace accidents

IBM Maximo Worker Insights analyzes worksite and employee data and alerts you to environmental and physical hazards so you can take immediate preventative actions.

Support worker health and safety through monitoring

This solution gathers data from infrared cameras and sensors to conduct elevated temperature monitoring, face mask detection, occupancy and crowd density management.

Quickly align to new policies and procedures

IBM Maximo Worker Insights continuously improves safety guidelines and adherence to regulations, including new social distancing guidelines, through learning.

Process data with edge computing

Edge computing provides a strong alternative to cloud for near real-time data access and analysis that can be processed locally, resulting in potentially lower operating costs.

Get fast time to value

IBM Maximo Worker Insights comes with pre-built safety shields as building blocks for intelligent insights, decision making around specified safety areas and accident prevention.

IBM Maximo Worker Insights features

  • Minimize risk and stay compliant with health and safety policies
  • Gather data from cameras, Bluetooth beacons, mobile phones and wearable wireless devices
  • Monitor temperatures, occupancy, crowd density, and social distancing
  • Protect workers in extreme conditions by getting alerts about possible hazards
  • Benefit from the IoT and advanced analytics