IBM Data Gate
Ultra-efficient data synchronization of IBM Z data to the cloud.
See the power of transactional mainframe data
 Db2 for z/OS Datagate illustration
Synchronize IBM Z data to the cloud for modern cloud data architectures.

Bring valuable enterprise IBM Z data to your modern enterprise architectures with the IBM Data Gate family of products. Deliver data originating in Db2 for z/OS, IMS and VSAM for hybrid cloud, analytics and AI initiatives with reduced cost, effort, and time.

  • Synchronize IBM Z data to the cloud for ready access by modern data architectures.
  • Data targets include the Iceberg open data format in IBM, Db2 Warehouse SaaS and IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
  • Purpose-built for end-to-end solutions to specific enterprise data challenges.
  • A zIIP (z Integrated Information Processor) enabled log data provider captures Db2 for z/OS log changes, consolidates, encrypts and sends them to a log data processor.
  • The log data provider only requires configuration, no additional installation or maintenance.
  • VSAM and IMS data can be simplified and transformed into a relational table format accessible by SQL-based query tools.



What’s new

IBM Db2 for z/OS Data Gate 2.1 delivers one-click metadata integration with IBM Knowledge Catalog on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Benefits Simple, efficient data synchronization

A simple, efficient, integrated, zIIP enabled approach to synchronize IBM Z data to the cloud.

Tailored for modernizing mainframe data source access

Designed specifically to deliver data originating on the mainframe for access by cloud infrastructure.

Reduce resource consumption and isolate workloads

Provision the most current IBM Z data without impact to transactional workloads.

Low latency Optimized for low latency and high throughput

Provides a highly optimized, purpose built, unidirectional, resilient, standardized approach  for synchronizing data from Db2 for z/OS.

Data co-location Data co-residency for next generation cloud applications

Co-locate data originating in Db2 for z/OS with your application to eliminate query

Fewer resources Improved Db2 for z/OS efficiency

Reroutes resource intensive Db2 for z/OS queries to Db2 Data Gate. Archives time partitioned tables from enterprise disk to lower-cost cloud storage.

Data consistency Guaranteed transactional consistency

Db2 Data Gate offers a unique, patented, integrated protocol to ensure transactionally consistent data between host-based transaction systems and cloud-based applications.


Use cases

Ways to put your Db2 for z/OS data to work

The most current data for your cloud applications Digital applications are driving exponential growth in mainframe resource utilization. Provide transactionally consistent systems of record data, efficiently and securely, to cloud-based applications with Db2 Data Gate.

The most current data for your data fabric Make data available and synchronized for ready access within a data fabric. As  compared to alternative approaches, Db2 Data Gate is simpler, less expensive, timelier and provides one-click integration with Watson Knowledge Catalog simplifying data fabric data source integration.

Reduce mainframe resources Redirect Db2 for z/OS analytical queries to Db2 Data Gate without consuming mainframe resources and without impacting operational SLAs. Archive time-partitioned Db2 for z/OS data in the cloud reducing Db2 for z/OS data footprint on enterprise disk and taking advantage of cloud data storage.

Essential data for your lakehouse Seamlessly access synchronized Db2 for z/OS data from within the environment. Reduce the time for users to access and analyze data from mainframe systems. Apply significant compute resources to a complex analysis without impacting mainframe operational processing. Use the most up-to-date enterprise data in analytics projects and machine learning/AI models.

Product family IBM Data Gate for watsonx

Db2 for z/OS, IMS, VSAM data made readily available to watsonx.

IBM Data Gate on Cloud

Db2 for z/OS data made readily available to Db2 Warehouse SaaS.

IBM Data Gate and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Db2 for z/OS data made readily available to IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Resources IBM and IBM Data Gate for watsonx

Bring valuable enterprise data into a lakehouse.

Accelerate insights from IBM Z data

Synchronize IBM Z® data to the cloud for modern data architectures.

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High-speed analysis of your enterprise data for real-time insight under the control and security of IBM Z.

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