IBM Security Data Explorer

Federate search for investigation across disparate tools

Security teams today face the challenge of identifying insights from hundreds of thousands of events every day from disparate security tools, cloud environments, and data lakes. Effective investigations and threat hunting require analyzing insights from all the tools, but analysts waste precious time in attempts to individually log into different tools, perform a search in the tool’s native language or chase the subject matter experts of each of these tools in order to gather the needed information.

IBM Security Data Explorer for IBM Cloud Pak for Security enables security analysts to perform federated investigations across IBM and third-party data sources. Connect insights from security tools, such as security information and event management (SIEM) and endpoint detection and response (EDR), and data stored in data lakes. Additionally, get insights from multicloud environments that your SIEM tools like QRadar and Splunk are monitoring.

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Key Highlights

Uncover hidden threats faster

Search across your disparate data sets from one screen.

Leave the data where it is

Federate data without having to move it, no additional data lake required.

Avoid building costly product integrations

Leverage pre-built integrations with leading security tools and cloud solutions.

Solution features

Break down data silos

Data is increasingly siloed across different tools and different cloud and on-premise environments, which makes visibility across all your data sources a challenge. Leveraging IBM Cloud Pak for Security’s open source technology, Data Explorer can access all of your data no matter where it resides.

Make threat hunting and incident investigations more efficient

Security analysts frequently have to search through multiple tools when hunting for a threat or investigating a security incident, which takes up valuable time. With Data Explorer, it takes only one query from one interface to get insights and information you need.

Streamline operations

Once details about an incident are found, security analysts often have to move to yet another tool for incident response. Data Explorer seamlessly integrates with other applications on IBM Cloud Pak for Security to seamlessly save artifacts and coordinate with team members in a case for more efficient remediation.

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