Unlock data faster with a data fabric

Learn about the latest version of IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Version 4.0.

Data for AI and analytics.

Use the right data architecture so employees can access quality data, wherever and whenever it’s needed.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data impact

Quicker access to data


Access distributed data 8x faster at half the cost across cloud and on-premises sources.

Productivity boosts


Reduce ETL requests by 25 – 65% so data engineers can spend more time on higher value work.

Cost savings


Eliminate manual cataloging to cut costs like the IBM Global Chief Data Office did.

Control to customise

Digital transformation with hybrid cloud

Modern Architecture

Explore the top questions and challenges of working with legacy systems.

Modernise data

What are the components of successful data modernisation?

Banking on the future

Supercharge your organizational processes for the future.


One platform, many benefits


Enhance data usage

Multicloud data access and integration

Access and unify data spread across distributed stores and clouds without data movement or replication using data virtualization.

Intelligent knowledge catalog

Automate data discovery, categorization and enrichment to rapidly provide business-ready data to users with IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog. See why Forrester named IBM a Leader.

Pervasive data privacy and security

Seamlessly enforce universal data and usage policies to establish trusted data pipelines that enable innovation while reducing risk.

Modern cloud data warehouse

Supercharge analytics workloads with IBM Netezza® Performance Server, a high-performance data warehouse with independent scaling of compute and storage.

See IBM Cloud Pak for Data in action

What customers are saying



“This is exactly what the data fabric promises, active metadata driving what we can and can’t do with data, making data available in a consistent way across regions and clouds.”

Ferd Scheepers
Chief Architect, ING

Wichita State University

Wichita State University

“You need to know what data you have, where it is, who has access to it and who’s getting it. I’m saving more than 60% by moving from our heritage solution to IBM Cloud Pak for Data.”

David Wright
Chief Data Officer, Wichita State University

Regions Bank

Regions Bank

“Working with IBM, we’ve transformed advanced analytics using open and transparent methodologies.”

Manav Misra
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Regions Bank



“So what we’re looking to do is introduce data fabric, to create a layer in which our folks can bring data together in one common platform.”

Sal Marraccino
Head of Data Governance and Architecture, Verizon

Scale AI decisions with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Streamline AI development

man working on laptop

Streamline AI development

Empower data scientists, developers and analysts with an integrated experience to build, deploy and manage trustworthy AI models on any cloud.

Deploy AI easily

illustration showing a person with cubes rising from a platform, surrounded by icons representing the manufacturing, government, finance and space industries

Easily deploy AI in business operations

Build AI-powered applications with a no-code/low-code solution using trusted data to improve operational decision-making.

Deliver trustworthy AI

illustration showing a ball made up of locks, speech balloons, clouds and other shapes surrounded by three nested circles

Deliver trustworthy AI

Scale AI responsibly with governed data and AI technology that manages risk and regulations to safeguard brand reputation.

Virtual events

Why a data fabric matters

Learn how a data fabric radically improves productivity while helping you manage compliance.

Evolve with data and AI as-a-service

Hear from IBM and IDC on why AI-based automation can support business resiliency.

Accelerate AI lifecycles

Explore best practices in AI lifecycles, security and governance for successful AI implementation.

Customize and extend to your needs with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Deployment flexibility

Select the optimal deployment for your unique data landscape.

Leading capabilities

Customize through a broad range of cloud-native data and AI services available on the platform.

Robust ecosystem

Extend the platform with best-of-breed solutions from IBM technology and open source partners.

IBM Cloud Pak solutions

Complete, containerized IBM solutions to solve common business problems