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Moving towards multicloud environments, data architectures only get more complex with added sources, applications and requirements. Multicloud data integration democratizes access and enables interaction, transformation and delivery of enterprise data across silos, providing a unified, governed and secure data connectivity layer for a data fabric.  


Data integration

Pictogram representing data integration

Data integration

Transform structured and unstructured data from different sources into a trusted, unified view.

Data virtualization

Pictogram representing data virtualization

Data virtualization

Get a single view of data across different data types and sources — without data movement and in a secure, governed fashion.

Data replication

Pictogram representing data replication

Data replication

Manage data growth with trusted data integration and synchronization, powering the use of real-time information. 

Data governance

Pictogram representing data governance

Data governance

Define terminology containing useful governance artifacts to support workflow for proper process management. 


A data fabric architecture spanning many integration styles



Enable users to find, collaborate and access high-quality data. 

Integrate flexibly 

Take advantage of a range of integration styles to meet your needs.  

Make trusted data available

Embed governance by using data policies to maximize performance and data quality, while minimizing storage and egress costs. 

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Integrate data across any cloud using a data fabric  

Included solutions

IBM DataStage®

Get flexible and near real-time data integration, both on prem and on the cloud with a scalable ETL platform. 

IBM Watson® Query

Break down data silos and speed queries with data virtualization to query any data, any where. 

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Activate business-ready data for AI and analytics with intelligent cataloging, backed by active metadata and policy management. 


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Discover why IBM is named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. 

2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities

See why IBM ranks second highest in the Data Fabric Use Case. 

Multicloud data integration ebook

Learn how you can deliver trusted data from disparate data sources.