IBM z/VM Hypervisor highlights

Efficiency and scalability

IBM z/VM provides high levels of extreme scalability, security, and efficiency, creating opportunities for cost savings while providing a robust foundation for on-premise cloud computing. z/VM is designed to run up to thousands of Linux servers on a single IBM Z or IBM LinuxONE™ server with the highest degrees of efficiency and elasticity. The new z/VM Continuous Delivery model enables a quicker benefit from new z/VM capabilities.

Support for Linux, z/OS, z/TPF and z/VSE

IBM z/VM supports the Linux, z/OS, z/VSE, and z/TPF operating systems on IBM z15™, IBM z14®, IBM z13®, and IBM z13s® to run production and testing environments with different operating systems in parallel. Linux distributions from Canonical, Red Hat, and SUSE are supported on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers.

System ease of use

IBM Wave for z/VM is an intuitive virtualization management product that provides management, automation, administration and provisioning of virtual servers, enabling automation of Linux virtual servers in a z/VM environment.

Continuous deployment without risk

Continuous deployment and continuous operations support the z/VM Continuous Delivery model. z/VM’s Live Guest Relocation capability allows the movement of virtual servers without business disruption, so the deployment of the new z/VM capabilities can be done without risk.

Pervasive encryption enablement

The latest versions of z/VM provide guest enablement for the new encryption capabilities of IBM z15, and LinuxONE III servers and for the Crypto Express7S adapter. In addition, guest exploitation support is provided for the guarded storage facility, the Instruction Execution Protection Facility and for encrypted paging.

IBM z/VM data sheet

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Customer case studies

Case study image

State agency runs 3x faster with z/VM and Linux on IBM Z.

California DMV
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Case study image

Automotive parts service sets up new environment in minutes by firing up a virtual server on z/VM

Vitec AutoData
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