Key features that support capacity planning

Simple out-of-the-box capacity planning solution

IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning provides a simple, out-of-the-box capacity planning solution based on performance data curated in near real time by IBM Z Decision Support.

Key capacity planning metrics and reports

IBM Z Decision Support curates and transforms raw, high volume performance data into actionable metrics, which are stored in an IBM Db2® database. IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning utilizes this historical data, as well as the forecast data produced by the IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning Forecaster module, to produce value-add key capacity planning reports.

Enhanced reporting for your 4HRA

The software also provides enhanced reporting to include details on the individual products that contribute to your 4-hour rolling average (4HRA).

Forecasting capabilities to predict future resource needs

The IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning Forecaster provides the means to use your historical data usage trends (plotted against existing capacity) to determine when additional resources will be required in your IT strategic planning process.

Multiple reporting platforms

Multiple reporting platforms are provided including native green screen, TCR and off-platform SPLUNK or Elastic Stack via integration with Common Data Provider for z Systems.

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