Reduce the time it takes to find the best candidates

With IBM Watson Talent Match, you can look beyond keywords to evaluate important intangibles - such as indirect skills - that are not explicitly specified on a resume. Take advantage of rigorous evaluation of unstructured information, job classification, competency, skills, behavioral traits, and more. IBM Watson Talent Match is your expert hiring advisor.
IBM Watson Talent Match

Better Skill Classification

Convert unstructured and semi-structured information into a standardized job profile or person talent profile. This includes job classification, competency classification, and skills classification.

In-depth Evaluation

Perform thorough evaluation of required and preferred skills. Behavioral evaluation – for skills like communication and leadership – is performed through natural language classification.

Better Matches

Enjoy a higher confidence of scores that match a job profile and an applicant’s talent across multiple dimensions. See the score and the matching profile elements detailing how the score is generated.

IBM Watson Talent Match – implement with ease

  • Integrate IBM Watson Talent Match with your applications
  • Include AI in an ATS, job board, CRM, or referral platform
  • Parses, evaluates and scores a match
  • Sends match score immediately via the response API
  • Provides scale and security through the cloud-based API
  • The power of AI and machine learning through a simple API