What it can do for your business

IBM Watson IoT Platform Message Gateway helps businesses take advantage of big data that comes from sensors and devices in new scenarios and couple this data with analytics to make informed, timely action. Using Message Gateway with the Watson IoT Platform for on-premise connectivity and bi-directional messaging, giving you increased flexibility to connect both on and off-premise devices and sensors.
IBM Watson IoT Platform - Message Gateway

Design for Things

Optimized gateway for things and mobile devices. Open protocol and event-driven awareness makes the connectivity easier across different industry use cases.

Developer Friendly

Active developer community available with free development edition, simple yet powerful APIs, and 40+ MQTT client libraries.

Secure and Easy to Deploy

Up and running in minutes based on task oriented UI guides and simple management through policies.

Easy to Integrate

Integrated with application servers using Java Connector Architecture, built-in connectivity with WebSphere MQ, IBM Integration Bus, Streams, Bridge to other MQTT servers and Kafka.

Internet Scale

Handles large numbers of concurrent connections with high throughput and high availability.

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Messaging Tester
Messaging Tester
Endpoint Monitor
Endpoint Monitor