IBM Watson Career Coach features

A personalized advisor

Get answers to commonly asked career questions and combine personal focus with historical data about others with similar backgrounds. IBM® Watson® Career Coach uses a library of human behavioral data and consulting expertise to augment what is provided by the employee.

An opportunity finder

Advise employees with opportunity alerts that that match their skills, interests and aspirations. They can apply right away.

A personalized career path navigator

Help employees map their career path by showing them what employees in a given role have gone on to do next. IBM Watson Career Coach helps visualize career navigation, shows current demand for related roles and helps employees understand how well they match the requirements of those roles. It helps employees proactively develop their career path to fit their expertise and interests, as well as company demand for skills and roles.

An educational advisor

Prepare employees for growth by suggesting learning opportunities that align to their desired career paths.

Harness cognitive computing for personal career guidance

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