Feature spotlights

Network efficiency

Leverage water flow and pressure data collected by the operator to detect potential leakage. This provides the water manager with detailed information to help enable more informed decisions.

Work optimization

Contextual information is provided to field staff at the point of work. Workflow support and standard operating procedures capture the know-how of skilled workers and help less experienced employees.

Situational awareness

An integrated and near real-time picture of the environment and systems based on integration of multiple data sources and presentation of the related information in a form tailored to your requirements.

Customer services

Improve your service quality and customer loyalty with customer portals for direct interaction between you and your customers as well as improved situational awareness of call center agent.

Comply, monitor, and report

Water managers need their KPI status and to be able to react quickly. Water Management has monitoring functions, related dashboards, and KPIs with data aggregated for decision makers.

Customer case study

Digital Delta transforms Dutch water system using big data

Technical details

Software requirements

  • NET: 100 MBps

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: 16 cores (APP, DB), 4 cores (ANA), 2 cores (IHS)
  • RAM: 64G (ANA, APP, DB), (8G for IHS)