Feature spotlights

Industry leadership

IBM and Cisco boast a 15-year history of demonstrated joint success with more than 25,000 shared customers.

Public, private & hybrid cloud enabled

Break down the barriers that limit agility with VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud, which delivers easy, efficient, and versatile infrastructure that can be extended to cloud services. IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud expands on VersaStack with native storage replication between on premises VersaStack and IBM Cloud, delivering enhanced disaster recovery. For private cloud, IBM Spectrum Access is built on VersaStack™ to deliver a private cloud solution.

Accelerate business applications

Accelerate performance of your entire data center or deploy solutions to support specific high-performance applications, leveraging the VersaStack solution, a flash-memory based solution that can help you create a cost-effective data center infrastructure. Gain faster application performance and near-real-time insights to inform operational decisions with all-flash IBM® FlashSystem® V9000, IBM FlashSystem A9000, IBM FlashSystem 900, IBM Storwize® V7000F and IBM Storwize V5030F.

Comprehensive storage options

All-flash and hybrid data storage options address growing capacity needs – from departmental to large-scale deployments – while IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) helps you optimize existing storage solutions. Add IBM Spectrum Scale™ to support block, file and object data under one industrial-strength management regime.

Secure, single point of control for storage resources

Pool the storage capacity of IBM and non-IBM storage systems on a storage area network (SAN), better manage tiered data, and encrypt all virtualized data for enhanced security from a single point.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

Get the ultimate in flexibility. This new way to procure data capacity provides instant-on access that aligns capacity costs with your business initiatives. It’s unique because it helps you predict your monthly data capacity needs. And, you only pay for the capacity you use monthly, instead of a large up-front expense. No need to over purchase or lease large amounts of capacity for "just in case" needs. Simply use the capacity your business requires and this offering will take care of the rest.

Enable storage efficiencies

IBM data reduction, featuring IBM Real-time Compression™, helps increase storage capacity and lower floor-space, power and cooling requirements. IBM Easy Tier® helps balance performance and IT costs in a tiered storage environment.

Simple scalability

Easily and cost-effectively deliver dynamic resource allocation from pooled compute, network and storage resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. This allows a reduction in design, deployment and management overhead.

Dynamic data movement

Move data across devices, on premises or cloud services, and better manage and scale storage capacity without disrupting application performance or data availability.

Pre-validated solutions

Backed by Cisco Validated Designs and IBM® Redbooks® application guides, VersaStack reduces risk with pre-validated, cost-effective, high-performance solutions. Speed deployment and delivery of applications, while increasing infrastructure efficiency with less risk.

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