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The community edition provides reporting against IBM UrbanCode Deploy. Upgrade to get access to Releases and Pipelines.

No. That is UrbanCode Deploy. UrbanCode Velocity provides coordination across continuous delivery pipelines from one or more tools. So it can coordinate across multiple Jenkins pipelines, UrbanCode Deploy applications or both.

Yes. UrbanCode Velocity has been containerized and provides a Helm chart for installation into a Kubernetes cluster as well as instructions for deploying as a Docker Compose application.

Velocity provides reports showing the time required to get a new build into production. The reports highlight bottlenecks by identifying which environments the build spent time in, slowing delivery to production. This allows teams to address those bottlenecks to speed delivery.

Included in the audit reports are the name of the deployed app, which components were deployed, application version, component versions, process used for deployment, target environment, result, who requested it, who approved it, and timing data.

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