Simple, personalized business trip planning and management

IBM MobileFirst for IOS Travel Plan helps business travelers streamline their business trip planning and management in a simple, intuitive and personalized way. The app can scan an employee’s calendar to identify potential business trips and prompts them to initiate travel plans. It suggests bookings based on their travel history and habits and sends push notifications once travel is approved.

Personalized travel recommendations

Get personalized recommendations for flights, hotels and car rentals based on your travel preferences and personal travel habits. Notifications will alert you when your business travel is approved.

Alerts for upcoming required travel

The text mining of calendar entries identifies upcoming meetings and will prompt you to start planning your business travel.

Authorized, secure travel transactions

Travel Plan will help you to keep your business travel spending within corporate policy and securely authenticate expense transactions from your mobile device.

Key features

  • Analytics informed business travel decisions
  • Safe and secure access to systems of record
  • Intuitive and simple travel planning
  • The app is backed by a great service plan