What IBM Storwize V7000F can do for your business

IBM® Storwize® V7000F is an all-flash, highly scalable, virtualized, storage system that provides high performance and advanced management functions. Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software, this solution consolidates workloads into a single system. You gain ease of management, reduced costs, superior performance and high availability. Hardware-accelerated data compression delivers faster performance while reducing your acquisition and operational expenses. Storwize V7000F delivers all the features and capabilities demanded in the largest enterprise environments, at a cost-effective price.
IBM Storwize V7000F

Improve utilization and efficiency

IBM Spectrum Virtualize unifies and integrates your mixed storage environment. Maximize efficiency with software-defined storage features like compression, dynamic tiering and thin provisioning.

Extend functionality

You can extend heterogeneous data services to more than 400 storage systems and manage up to 32 petabytes (PB) with a single IBM Storwize V7000F solution.

Accelerate critical business insight

All-flash performance improves core application response times to help you speed insights, accelerate innovation and gain competitive advantage.

Quickly scale capacity

High-density expansion enclosures easily scale into the petabyte range. Four-way clustering enables growth from smaller configurations.

Drive down total cost of ownership

Flash drives that are four times as dense dramatically reduce price per GB and lower TCO.

Protect your data

Storwize V7000F gives you the full power of storage encryption inside the hardware arrays and in the IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ management layer.

Key features

  • IBM Flash Upgrade Program
  • All-flash Array High Availability Guarantee
  • High performance
  • IBM Data Reduction Guarantee
  • Easy-to-use data management
  • Advanced copy services
  • Data compression with hardware acceleration
  • IBM Storage Utility Offering
  • High availability and enhanced security
  • Proven dependability
  • Technical specifications

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