Use Promotions to create and manage contests, forms and more

Upgrade your social media campaigns and excite your base as you get to know them better. Design contests, sweepstakes, surveys, feedback forms, newsletter sign-ups, and more with a simple drag-and-drop interface—no coding required. Then use the customer data you’ve collected to develop smart marketing strategies.
Spredfast Promotions

Create promotional campaigns

No coding required: our professional drag-and-drop design tool allows marketers to create beautiful contests, HTML5 pages, and web apps. Design free-form, use a template, or enter CSS—it’s up to you.

Customize your forms

From unique form fields to layout design, create custom promotions that reflect your brand. Publish unlimited contests, sweepstakes, newsletter sign ups, and forms to your social accounts or websites.

Gather customer data

Create custom forms to gather unique customer data and export it into CRM, marketing automation, advertising, or analytics systems. Understand customers on deeper levels for smarter marketing.

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Spredfast Promotions

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