What IBM Spectrum NAS can do for your business

IBM® Spectrum™ NAS software-defined storage offers agility and management simplicity for network-attached storage (NAS) workloads. It helps reduce capital expenditure by working with industry-standard x86 servers to form high-performance scale-out storage clusters. The system is self-balancing with a symmetric architecture that reduces the incidence of bottlenecks or hotspots. This architecture, along with data redundancy and protection, enhances reliability by avoiding any single point of failure. IBM's Spectrum NAS can be quickly and easily installed and can be upgraded over the network transparently without any service interruption.

Deploy quickly

Install on bare-metal hardware or on a virtual machine in 30 minutes

Lower costs

Run on commodity x86 servers and tailor for efficiency, performance and protection

Scale easily

Scale out performance and capacity as needs grow and upgrade without downtime

Benefit from NAS features

Native NFS and SMB protocols and rich NAS functions

Simplify management

Monitor and manage the entire storage cluster with a powerful, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

Safeguard your data

No single point of failure and data protected by redundant copies across the cluster

What IBM Spectrum NAS software can do for your business

  • Simplicity of deployment and administration
  • Cost efficiency
  • Capacity and performance scaling to meet growing demand
  • Native NFS and Microsoft SMB protocol support
  • Greater reliability

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