Feature spotlights

Gain flexibility and greater control

The app’s worker’s dashboard displays detailed information on upcoming shifts. Employees can see requests for shift changes and can share their ability to take shifts. If a worker wants to change their schedule they can go to Marketplace where the app uses analytics to find someone who’s available to swap. Marketplace finds matches based on a worker’s role, location and skill.

Access scheduling on the go

The app makes schedule changes simple. You can manage your shift and view information in real time on your Apple Watch. The app allows you to make changes from wherever you are – no more phone calls or going into a location for shift swaps. Managers are kept up to date via the app and are better able to handle all their people resources.

Empower employees to take control of their schedule

The app gives you more direct control and flexibility with your schedule. Under the info tab, you can see time card information including scheduled hours for the week, vacation days and available time off. You can also accept or decline shift requests from other staff members. All these features combine to give greater workplace satisfaction.

The app is backed by a great service plan

Through its service plan, IBM and Apple have teamed up to provide you with the most comprehensive support available. It includes 24/7 phone support from Apple and next-business-day on-site service from IBM. Whether buying or leasing devices, the IBM flexible procurement model enables you to go from procurement to deployment quickly. You can also manage all your iOS devices from a single portal and effortlessly apply security policies that ensure data protection on every device.

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