Why choose Radware Bot Manager?

Radware Bot Manager safeguards your website, mobile app, and APIs from malicious bots without impacting genuine users and the performance. Your website or mobile app is protected proactively by building signatures for each unique visitor to your site and by using cutting-edge bot detection technologies. Radware Bot Manager protects your internet properties in realtime, with a ratio of 0 % False positive, and to ensure this we create rules based on the decision taken by ML modules. Radware Bot Manager got named as "Cool Vendor in API Economy" by Gartner and also we have got listed As Leader In The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q3 2018.

Accurate Bot Detection and Mitigation

Leveraging collective bot intelligence and machine learning techniques, your online business is constantly protected from bad bots

Zero False Positives

Processing billions of pages, Radware Bot Manager service is dynamically adjusted to ensure that none of the genuine traffic to your website and mobile app are blocked.

Flexibility in Response Types

Take the right action such as block, allow, show CAPTCHA, fake data, etc against automated bots triggered by competitors.

360 degree view of Bot Traffic

Get actionable and comprehensive insights on bot traffic coming to website.

No DNS Traffic Redirection

Unlike the DNS re-routing technique used by other bot detection tools in the market, Radware Bot Manager uses an API-based approach, thereby ensuring seamless integration.

Get Integrated in minutes

Radware Bot Manager provides self-service plugins to get started quickly. A lightweight REST API code and JavaScript inserted on your page provides complete bot protection.

Company information

Radware Bot Manager

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Radware Bot Manager