Feature spotlights

Node.js V6.x

A full JavaScript runtime, server-side APIs and libraries to efficiently build high-performance, highly scalable network applications.

npm JavaScript package manager

Leverage the popular npm JavaScript package manager to build and assemble Node.js applications. Tap into around 1 million community Node.js modules available, such as express and Loopback.

V8 JavaScript engine

A powerful open-source JavaScript engine that compiles JavaScript source to the latest z/Architecture® instructions for optimal performance.

CICS support

Node.js - z/OS applications can be hosted and managed by IBM CICS Transaction Server as part of a CICS bundle.

Asynchronous I/O

Unparalleled scalability of your Node.js application by leveraging the underlying z/OS® asyncio and IBM Z I/O bandwidth.

C/C++ compiler

Optimizing compiler that supports 64-bit compilations and C11/C++11 language features, and is used for compiling Node.js native modules for the z/OS platform.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • z/OS V2R3 (5650-ZOS)
  • z/OS V2R2 (5650-ZOS)

Hardware requirements

  • z14™
  • z13®/z13s™
  • zEnterprise® EC12/BC12
  • zEnterprise 196/114

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