Features of the IBM Storage Networking SAN18B-6

Purpose-built extension platform for midrange storage

This robust platform is for medium-scale, multisite data center environments implementing block, file and tape data protection solutions. It is an ideal platform for building a high-performance data center-to-data center infrastructure for multisite asynchronous and synchronous storage replication and centralized tape backup, recovery and archiving solutions.

Move more data faster over distance quickly

The advanced performance and network optimization features of the SAN18B-6 enable replication and backup applications to send more data over metro and WAN links in less time and optimize available WAN bandwidth.

Protect data from network disruptions and outages

The SAN18B-6 provides a suite of features -- from pre-deployment validation to advanced network failure recovery technologies -- to ensure a continuously available storage extension infrastructure.

Secure data from network breaches

The SAN18B-6 Extension Switch uses unbreakable network encryption to ensure that data-in-flight is protected from threats over the WAN. This switch features robust, hardware-based IPsec with AES 256-bit encryption to keep data secure and meet security compliance requirements.

Extends Fabric Vision Technology between data centers

Fabric Vision Technology, an extension of Gen 6 Fibre Channel, is supported on IBM extension products to provide unprecedented insight and visibility across the storage network.

Simplified management and robust network analytics

Fabric Vision technology provides a breakthrough hardware and software solution that helps simplify monitoring, maximize network availability and dramatically reduce costs. Featuring innovative monitoring, management and diagnostic capabilities, Fabric Vision technology enables administrators to avoid problems before they impact operations, helping their organizations meet SLAs.

Improve efficiency with fabric automation

By automating repetitive tasks, IT organizations can significantly improve their efficiency and dramatically decrease the risk of operational mistakes. Automation in large-scale IT environments integrates diverse infrastructure components with consistency and predictability to deliver greater operational efficiencies and agility.