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Bluewolf Go works for companies looking to go live on Salesforce quickly, without custom development or system integration. After going live, our Bluewolf Beyond program drives custom innovation to ensure Salesforce stays in lockstep with the growing needs of your business.

Bluewolf Go sets you up with Salesforce’s core functionality quickly, giving you access to our experts, established best practices, and a detailed timeline with clear expectations. Bluewolf Go is designed to be deployed remotely and does not require on-premise consulting resources.

Bluewolf Go’s approach focuses on deploying solutions one Cloud/product at a time. Contact us if you are interested in implementing multiple solutions and we can help you prioritize.

Fixed 60 Days is best for companies that are experienced with Salesforce & aligned around how to use the platform.

Guided 60 Days is a prescriptive approach that is best for companies that are inexperienced with Salesforce, need help aligning around their needs, or are not sure where to start.

There is time built into our methodology to verify your requirements and set expectations upfront. Once you give us the official “go,” we handle the rest of your implementation.

Bluewolf Sightline is our patented lifecycle management tool that improves the quality, speed, and overall delivery of Salesforce deployments. Sightline works across our projects to make the process collaborative, seamless, and high quality so you realize results faster.

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Bluewolf Beyond is a consulting program dedicated to managing live Salesforce environments. After going live with Bluewolf Go, Beyond works with you to continually unlock value across Salesforce & your complete customer & employee lifecycle. Beyond supports custom development & system integration.

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