Feature spotlights

Multi-product registration and inventory

Administrators and IT operations staff can register IBM Software products in a single cloud service dashboard. Using the dashboard, they can see their product instances deployed across the enterprise and connect additional cloud services.

Product usage and metric insights

Using the IBM Cloud Product Insights dashboards, customers gain insights into their deployed IBM Software using product metric reports. They can use the usage metric data to adjust and optimize their deployed software.

Software product version awareness

Using IBM Cloud Product Insights service dashboard, administrators can see the product versions deployed in each of their enabled software instances. This view of current versions and levels is a valuable tool when it comes to applying upgrades to production environments.

Intelligent cloud services advisor

IBM Cloud Product Insights provides the option for connecting additional cloud services and gives guidance on the optimal way to manage and adjust usage. By connecting with analytic services provided in the IBM Cloud environment and related tools, customers can address other areas of usage concern.

How customers use it

  • Visibility into deployed software products and versions

    Visibility into deployed software products and versions


    Administrators need software product and version visibility.


    IBM Cloud Product Insights provides quick and easy registration for supported IBM Software products so product and versions can be viewed in multi-product cloud-based dashboards.

  • Reducing cost related to unused software product instances

    Reducing cost related to unused software product instances


    Need to find unused software instances to balance resources.


    With IBM Cloud Product Insights, administrators and planners can get a multi-product view of installed instances and their usage. Product workloads can be adjusted and registered users can be shifted to improve resource use across the organization.

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