Key Features of Peppol Services

One Provider, One Network to connect with all partners

Effortlessly connect from your ERP directly to your trading partners globally regardless of government, industry, or technology standards or regulations with one trusted provider over one secure network. We look after the diversity where it occurs, while you look after your business.

Connect to the Peppol service you need

IBM supports a variety of means of Peppol connectivity, choose the right solution for your technical and commercial needs, from Managed Services to VAN to OnPremise, and if required including additional services from IBM Business Partners or System Integrators.

Achieve frictionless connectivity across your supply chain

Streamline connections and collaboration with your customers, suppliers, and trading partners to digitize and automate all B2B transactions across your supply chain. IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network connects you with a network of over 400,000 preconnected global trading partners exchanging billions of documents a year and connecting to an additional 200,000 Peppol trading partners and growing.

Improve operations and cut costs with Managed Services

Capitalize on proactive B2B and B2G process management to reduce errors and manage your document delivery process times against demanding service level agreements. Designated IBM trusted advisors and technical subject matter experts will provide tailored proactive support to sustain and optimize your global B2B/EDI operations. Worldwide community support ensures personalized assistance is available for you and your trading partners when you need it around the clock.

Track, trace and analyze

Provide IT specialist with in-depth reporting capabilities to monitor and track incoming and outgoing B2B transactions, while alerting you to failures and unexpected events in real-time so you can rapidly identify and resolve issues.

Deliver B2G and B2B trade with Peppol standards

Seamlessly exchange Peppol documents with public and B2B trading partners across the globe, through a single connection. IBM’s global Peppol Access Point cloud architecture makes it easier for you to trade with your partners regardless of your location, or theirs, without having to work through multiple systems, while adapting to government regulations and mandates.

Peppol Directory for Touchless Onboarding

Compare the Peppol Directory with your Trading Partner list on a regular basis to be able to migrate trade from manual and legacy electronic methods towards Peppol to increase your ROI.

Help ensure compliance with e-invoicing

Transform and optimize your international invoice processes to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with tax compliant electronic invoices by automating manual invoice processes, archives and audits in accordance with tax regulations for multiple countries.

Modernize B2B in the cloud

Establish a single, secure, cloud-based digital business network delivering always-on availability with industry leading uptimes. Available in 3 editions: Essentials, Standard, and Premium.

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