What it can do for your business

Airlines are facing headwinds from all directions, such as paper-thin margins, challenging labor relations, heavy competition, variable weather and volatile fuel prices. Passengers are demanding more, with flight crews and customer service agents feeling thrown into the crosshairs. IBM MobileFirst for iOS equips airline employees with the right information to drive incremental revenue, save on fuel costs and enhance the flying experience to build a loyal customer base.

Aircraft mechanics get real-time access

Keep planes safe and on time by giving mechanics real-time access to a digitized set of work assignments and analytics-driven recommendations to help them determine priorities.

Service agents do better planning

Provide customer service agents with more flexibility to plan and monitor the flight and boarding processes, oversee boarding and flight handling and react to changes on short notice.

Pilots improve productivity

Give pilots personalized content based on analytics with collaboration tools that connect pilots with assigned crews – improving responsiveness to changing conditions on the day of the flight.

Flight attendants generate more revenue

Flight attendants can now sell food, beverage and merchandise while in-flight using predictive analytics to offer passengers personalized recommendations.

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  • Inspect & Turn
  • Manage Gates
  • Fly Now
  • Flight Roster
  • Rapid Board
  • Plan Flight
  • Assign Tech
  • Ancillary Sale
  • Passenger +
  • Passenger Care